Counselling and Relationship Therapy

Sophia Elise

Relationship Therapy

I'm an experienced and specialised relationship therapist who uses a range of counselling modalities to assist couples. My relationship therapy work is based on the Bader Pearson Developmental Model, as well as drawing from the Gottman Method and other modalities as appropriate. The developmental model assists each person to gain a greater awareness of unconscious interactional patterns and emotional triggering.  It also ensures that people don't feel reliant on their partner changing in order to make progress, as it encourages each partner to focus on their own change, instead of looking to their partner for solutions. It includes a sophisticated skills training approach that allows clients to learn new skills in the context of meaningful exercises that are relevant to them. This ultimately decreases conflict and improves communication and intimacy. 

Together we will identify the issues in the relationship and what you would like to improve. A variety of approaches will be used to help you repair your relationships, rebuild intimacy and connection with each other, improve your communication, increase your understanding of yourself and your partner, resolve conflicts and build a stronger, more resilient relationship to take you into the future. 

My practice is guided by the NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors) Code of Ethics and I hold a current practicing certificate as a full member.

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