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April 2020 - Sian Jaquet from Sian Jaquet Foundations, is an amazing life coach, executive coach, motivational speaker, host of prime time TV shows, and much more. During the Covid-19 lockdown she has a daily spot on radio discussing the issues that we are all facing, she also started a Covid-19 support video series called "Just Ask! with Sian". To find our more about Sian, check out her website

Below is a selection of conversations we had over this time .... 

April 2020 - The Breeze Radio station contacted me to have a brief chat with Robert and Jannette on the morning show about what I'm doing during lockdown. 

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April 2020 - Radio New Zealand contact me to have a chat with Jesse Mulligan for some tips on how couples who are living apart during lockdown could cope.

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